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Accessory dwelling unit kit


An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a house connected to a primary residence, but does not have a complete kitchen and bathroom facilities.

It can be built on any land, but most people choose to build it on their own land or in an existing building.

The average cost of building an ADU has increased over the years due to rising construction costs and stricter zoning laws that require new buildings meet stricter codes than those used for single-family homes. We can connect you with our ADU partners who can help you get the best estimate.

What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

An ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) is a second apartment unit on the property that can be used for rental income or for personal use. You may have an existing structure on your property and want to add an ADU in its place.

The term “accessory” means “furnishing additional space; auxiliary.” In this sense, an ADU can be considered as an additional accessory to another main house or a detached structure (like a garage).

Who can build one?

You must own the property where you want to build the ADU. You cannot share your house with anyone else and they cannot live in your home or have any part of their personal possessions there. The space must be completely separate from any other living space on your property, including garages or basements. If you rent a part of your home for a short period of time, you can still request an ADU through the DORA program if it does not exceed 50% of the floor area (e.g.: if a room is rented at $500/month and another room is used as a storage). However, this option is not available if renting out both rooms simultaneously because then it would exceed 50%.

How much does it cost to build?

When you start to consider the cost of building your own ADU, it can be helpful to look at what it costs to build a house or condo. In general, each stage of construction has its own set of expenses associated with it:

  • Framing (the walls and roof)
  • Insulating and finishing the interior walls
  • Installing flooring, window treatments and other finishes

Can I rent it on Airbnb?

You can rent it out on Airbnb.

You can rent it to friends and family.

It could also offer short-term rents or long-term leases, so tenants can earn some additional income while living in the property.

You can rent it to the guests, if you have enough space for them to stay in your apartment (and there may be a security deposit).

This is not as common because of regulations around renting out a home without first having purchased it yourself but if you want more flexibility with your guests and tenants then this might be something worth exploring!

Do I need to get permits from the city?

You will need a permit if your ADU is in a city that requires one. In most cities, you can apply for an ADU permit online or at the city’s building department office.

In addition to applying for an ADU permit, some counties require that builders follow certain rules when constructing an ADU on their property. For example, some counties have ordinances that require minimum square meter requirements and other safety features that may be included in your home design plan or contract before construction begins (see “Regulations” section below).Your builder should be able to tell you if this applies to them and what additional steps they’ll need from you before starting work on your project so as not to delay its completion due to these requirements.

Do I need to pull any permits from the city?

Some cities, such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, do not allow ADUs. Other cities may require a permit to build an ADU. If you live in one of these cities, it’s important to check with your local planning department before building an ADU.

  • In some areas across the country (including California), there are fee waiver programs for people who want to build their own home on land with fewer restrictions than required by zoning laws or code requirements—but these fees can still add up!
  • Some areas have no fees whatsoever; others have very low fees that make owning an ADU affordable for many families who would otherwise be unable to afford one

Can I get a loan for an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)?

While it’s not always possible to get a loan for an ADU, the good news is that you can use our ADU loan program. 

This means we’ll help you find the right lender and negotiate a competitive interest rate on your behalf. 

We also have access to a wide variety of lenders who may be able to offer better terms than what’s available through most traditional banks or credit unions.

If this sounds like something that might work for you, then contact us today!

It’s easy to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit with kit. So you can use our loan program.

If you’re looking for a good mortgage broker, we can help. We’ve got the best program available and we’ll get you your loan.

 Our Mortgage Brokers can work with local banks and lenders  in your area, who may not offer great interest rates .

This means that when you call up and request a home equity loan, we will have access to better interest rates than what is offered to individual lenders – and if there are any problems along the way (such as being denied), our team will manage them instead of falling into the hands of a bank that may not understand how important it is for someone living in an ADU to be able to pay monthly payments each month.


ADU’s are great for generating additional income and you can even build an ADU by applying for a Mortgage loan suitable for your Accessory dwelling Unit needs. New Vintage Mortgage can assist you with not only getting a mortgage for ADU but also connect you with well-established ADU contractors in your area.

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